June 2023: Northcote: Lindy Hop - Level 1, Absolute Beginner (starts 6:30pm, ends 7:25pm)

Mondays, 06:30 PM at Chalice Church Hall, Beginning June 5th

with Joel Kohn and Steph Ashby

Class Schedule:
June 5, 06:30 - 07:25 PM
June 12, 06:30 - 07:25 PM
June 19, 06:30 - 07:25 PM
June 26, 06:30 - 07:25 PM

Chalice Church Hall
251 High St.
Northcote, VIC 3070
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Pricing:  $100

Class Description

Hello and welcome!

We teach lindy hop in four week progressive courses. That means we start right at the very beginning in week 1, and steadily build up and out each week.

This series of classes in our level 1 teaches basic 6 count and 8 count Lindy Hop. It alternates from month to month. All you need to know is that you'll take two blocks in a row of level 1, and then you'll move on to level 2 or take it all over again! 

In preparation for your class, feel free to choose whether you'll lead or follow, but if you don't know, that's totally fine. We'll sort it out at our first class if you have any questions.  Some of you will already have decided, and that's great, too! 

We will be rotating partners, but if you and a partner would like to sign up and not rotate, we respect and welcome that.

Classes are progressive. No drop ins for our level 1 classes. We are excited to dance with you! 

NO CASH, everyone must sign up online, or pay at the door with a credit card. 

*Student discount available, tick the box at check for your 15% discount. Please bring a valid student ID to your first class. 

*This class follows all COVID-19 rules and regulations as outlined by the DHHS website. If you have flu like systems, or someone close to you does, please stay home. ALL studetns must be fully vaccinated, status will be checked upon arrival. 

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